I like experimenting with different lengths and forms of short fiction. I am currently working on a set of short stories exploring life in a small town in Kerala, India.

I am also an avid wanderer. Musings from my travels can be found in the form of travel essays.

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At the Gates of Heaven

Flash Fiction

Published in Brilliant Flash Fiction's June 2018 issue.

In Search of Equatorial Roots


Appeared in Litro #156 - Litro Magazine's India-themed October 2016 issue guest-edited by Shashi Tharoor.


Flash Fiction

Won Honorable Mention in Katha Fiction Contest 2015.

Originally appeared in India Currents November 2015 print issue.


Flash Fiction

Published March 2015 in Black Heart Magazine.


Flash Fiction

This was the first story I wrote with the intent of publishing. Of course, it was never selected.