Another one

My work always needs to marinate a bit before it gets dusted off, rewritten, and ultimately picked up. I wrote At the Gates of Heaven at the height of the alcohol prohibition drama in Kerala. If you're familiar with drama, it's hard to keep it up for long. Political ambitions change. Today, prohibition is a distant and ridiculous past. My hope is the stuff of At the Gates of Heaven stands the test of time. It has been accepted by Brilliant Flash Fiction, an Irish e-zine, to appear in their June-end issue. I will post a link when it's published.

Birthday Gift

It was quite the birthday present this year to find out my essay "In Search of Equatorial Roots" has been published in the UK-based Litro Magazine's India themed October issue. Guest-edited by Shashi Tharoor, whose writing I greatly admire, it features works by Abraham Verghese and William Dalrymple, among other amazing writers.

The morning I found out about the publication I woke up with vivid recollections of a dream. (Having any memory of dreams is rare because I am the K.O.'d kind of sleeper: my head hits the pillow and the next thing I know it's 7:30 a.m.) In the dream, I was celebrating the result of a certain fiction contest I had submitted to. I woke up disappointed because the magazine had already announced their winners a week or so back and my name hadn't been on the list. However, later that day, I found out that not only is my essay appearing in October's print issue, my name is featured on the cover. Talk about delicious chocolate sprinkles on the birthday cake.