Birthday Gift

It was quite the birthday present this year to find out my essay "In Search of Equatorial Roots" has been published in the UK-based Litro Magazine's India themed October issue. Guest-edited by Shashi Tharoor, whose writing I greatly admire, it features works by Abraham Verghese and William Dalrymple, among other amazing writers.

The morning I found out about the publication I woke up with vivid recollections of a dream. (Having any memory of dreams is rare because I am the K.O.'d kind of sleeper: my head hits the pillow and the next thing I know it's 7:30 a.m.) In the dream, I was celebrating the result of a certain fiction contest I had submitted to. I woke up disappointed because the magazine had already announced their winners a week or so back and my name hadn't been on the list. However, later that day, I found out that not only is my essay appearing in October's print issue, my name is featured on the cover. Talk about delicious chocolate sprinkles on the birthday cake.